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In 2012, Troika Technology Solutions was established by Parvati Matkate, Godwin Pinto and Mawin Pinto as a Web Design as well as Advancement Business with a goal to transform the means websites are designed as well as developed in India. At that time and to some tiny extent even currently, Clients are being marketed a low-grade internet sites. When we came in our only Slogan was "Why work out for Less, When you could get so a lot. We strongly believe in informing, equipping as well as gearing up Tiny as well as Medium services whether it remains in Berlin or Baramati will certainly make a significant difference to their revenues in return it has aided us also. We have grown with each other. OUR VIEWPOINT Troika Technology Solutions as a business relies on the The Kiss Concept, KISS is an acronym for "Maintain it straightforward, foolish" as a design concept noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. Site -

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