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9 home hygiene experience mothers should know

Life is becoming more and more modern, so the services that are helpful to human life are increasingly focused, including industrial hygiene services. As an office worker and having a small child, my life is always busy, so to have more time to take care of my children and my beloved family, I always find every possible way to clean the house. The door must be very simple and save the most time. But you know, these are unnamed jobs, so it takes a lot of time

Luckily, my friend introduced a reputable house cleaning company in Da Nang, Huong Thao An with the website address. I contacted this company and used their service and I was very satisfied with The quality of service they provide, in addition to the staff here, also shared with me the experience to clean the house in the fastest way but still ensure the quality. In this article I want to share with you what I know
1. Cleaning according to the rule of "from top to bottom"
This simple principle but many women forget so making cleaning takes a lot of time, hygiene according to the principle of “from top to bottom” means clearing objects from above and then things below, for example, you should sweep the ceiling, clean the fans above, clean the top of the cupboard, then clean the floor, do not do the opposite

2.Do not clean carpets with water

If your home uses rugs, remember to rule not to clean them with water because it is very unhygienic, creates moisture and is the cause of many dangerous diseases for family members, especially the children. To clean these carpets, you only need a towel soaked and gently cleaned or pour soda water onto the stain and use a dry towel to clean.

 3. Clean the cleaning solution too quickly

It is easy to see that there are many quick cleaning solutions that make cleaning faster and simpler.To clean items from wood to metal, you only need to spray the cleaning solution. wash this quickly on the item to be checked then leave a certain amount of time for it to clean. However, there are many people who cannot wait and take too long to make the cleaning work as expected

4. Don't clean the glass door when it's sunny

Many women still prefer to choose sunny days to clean the house because they think it will be faster to dry, which seems to be true but except for cleaning the glass door, because when it is sunny it will make the glass window dry quickly and the dust keeps sticking to you, making you feel like you're not clean and do it over and over again

5.Always clean cleaning tools

To clean quickly, you should clean tools regularly, but this is not much concern, this is a very serious mistake because this is the most storage of bacteria.

6. Absolutely do not spray bleach directly on objects

There are many people who think that to clean stubborn stains, you should pour bleach directly on the object and then clean with clean water, but this way you will take a lot of effort as well as bleach, so Make changes by adding detergent to a clean bowl and using a clean rag to remove stains

7.If stain is detected, clean immediately
One thing that we all know is that it is much faster to clean the stain when it is new, so when it comes to the stain in the house, clean it immediately.

8. Pay attention when washing dishes
Like cleaning your home when washing dishes, you should wash dishes with lots of stains to dishes with little stains, wash items with glass, porcelain dishes before the greasy utensils.

9. Clean the house regularly

In order to make the house cleaning no longer a burden, you should plan to clean it regularly, do not wait until you see the house is too dirty and clean, this will make you have to handle a heavy job at once. healthy is not good

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