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Awnings are the most mentioned name in recent years. When the space of the house starts to expand, the trees are removed, the hot air makes your house all day subject to a large amount of radiation. "The difficulty is the wisdom", mobile awnings were born, solving all the problems for constructing shielding design for houses, cafes, restaurants, swimming pools, ..

Regardless of how good the porch quality is, if you do not know how to use and store it will quickly degrade, shortening the use time. So how to overcome. Please scroll down the article below, along with Minh Khang awnings to note the key points to using durable awnings.

Mobile awnings


When installing mobile awnings you should pay attention to the construction space. Make sure that the space is not obscured, entangled with branches, other high-rise buildings, has lost aesthetic and affect the construction and assembly process.

Mobile awnings


Pay attention to the light and the living environment is not dark. With the purpose of covering the sun and rain, the mobile awnings must ensure a bright and well-ventilated space of houses, cafes, swimming pools, pubs, etc.

Choose the right color, so choose the color of the porch mobile light, elegant, evoke a cool, airy feeling like pale yellow, blue, white, moss, .. Avoid choosing hot tones like red, orange, ..

Good material is the next requirement when using long awnings. Customers should not be too important prices to choose construction awnings. Although it costs a little more money, it will be exchanged for a longer period of use, more resistant to weather changes. Customers should choose a porch with a sturdy metal frame, good canvas, durable and durable materials to avoid drafts, torrential rain, etc.

Refer to the construction facilities of prestigious mobile awnings. The quality of the porch is not entirely dependent on the quality of the material, but it is also influenced by the construction unit. Make sure the construction unit is reputable, quality and affordable.

To help customers more easily choose a number of quality mobile awning construction units, we recommend to customers the No. 1 mobile porch construction unit in Central Vietnam - mobile awnings Minh Khang

Mobile awnings


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Experience is the best training life for a design and construction establishment, with long experience in Minh Khang has made a name for itself with a team of skilled, highly qualified and enthusiastic employees. , Love your job. Thanks to the application of construction technology and modern machines, Minh Khang has brought customers in the Central region but the most diverse and quality roof products.

Mobile awnings

Currently, Minh Khang is considered the leading awning construction in the Central region, not only receiving construction in the inner city but also in neighboring provinces such as Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue, Quang Nam, .. Minh Khang awnings are quality assured, constructed on many different grounds, can move the roof easily, construction time is shortened as much as possible but still quality assurance for customers so minimize the effort and money for customers. Regarding the life of the porch is calculated from 3-10 years for awnings and 6-20 years for metal frames. Customers can feel secure and entrust the space of their house to Minh Khang.

Mobile awnings

In addition to mobile awnings. Minh Khang also constructed more mobile roofs, danang mobile roofs. Mobile wavy roofs, mobile canvas houses, .. Customers can receive advice from grassroots staff to get the most suitable space.

All information about Minh Khang is fully updated at the website or contact Minh Khang porch directly.

Address: 02 Ton Duc Thang - Tp. Danang - 105/2 Ngo Quyen - Tp. Danang - Phone: 0978 657 841

All inquiries related to the product will be explained thoroughly and enthusiastically by the staff, ensuring customer satisfaction from the time of selection, purchase, use and warranty.

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