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Resumo da Biografia Colors suitable for each architectural space

 Usually, places that attract a lot of people such as squares, showrooms, ... you should choose a mobile roof with bright colors of bright colors to attract people. It also shows the dynamics of the building, combined with the color of the building that will bring unexpected effects.

For places that need space to rest or chat ... often these buildings are houses that need tranquility, the cool colors are suitable for blue, green ...

Most buildings use inclined roofs to cover the main door, arches to cover terrace windows, A-shaped push roofs to cover the garden.

The value of use of the product for architectural works.

 With many choices of mobile roofs in Da Nang such as: a-shaped push roof, sliding sliding roof, light-covered roof ... you should choose the type of awning that suits each position you want. Use, color is the factor that enhances the aesthetic effect of the project. The most commonly used space is the garden or the main door, so you should focus on investing in the appropriate types of roofs in these locations.

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