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Resumo da Biografia happy birthday images artsy In the middle of his reflections, Sister Elisabeth burst out with the next bad news. At the meeting of the sisters in the nurses' room, she was suddenly as electrified: beneath the hood of Sister Maria, a grass-green hair stalk emerged. Exceptional birthday images circumstances require extraordinary actions, and so Sister Elisabeth had to ask all the fellow sisters to take off her hood. Excitement and indignation were great, but finally, all of them had to submit to the authority of Sister Elisabeth.

Oh my God! Father ours, who are in heaven ... "It was inconceivable, a multitude of choruses of prayers was sent to heaven, but that did not change the facts, almost all the older sisters had green hair, grassy hairs, a lush green the only thing the younger sisters had been spared, and, strangely enough, Sister Walburga, Sister Edelgard, and Sister Luitgard's sister, sister Walburga, Sister Edelgard, and Sister Luitgard, secretly under their cover but for the moment, more important problems had to be solved, for Professor Eckstein, the matter became more and more puzzling. happy birthday images artsy

Elfriede Wohlfahrt and Christina had now come to the action. But all attempts to wash out the grass-green color were unsuccessful. "Mom, lie down and go to the supermarket, I'll go to the supermarket quickly and buy some hair dyes and bleaches, stay calm and do not regret it, I'll be right back."

When Christina put the hodgepodge of shampoos, hairbands, bleaches and dyes on the tape, Agnes, the always friendly cashier, could no longer understand the world. "Strange - Mrs. Hartmann, too! Why do people buy only hair care this morning? Why do they need so much stuff? And today, Mrs. Kipper from the hair care department has reported herself sick. Something's wrong, something is different today. " Agnes did not know how right she was. Before eleven o'clock all the racks were cleared with hair care products. Disturbed customers had to be consoled and nobody knew what had happened that day. Or no one wanted to say what he knew. happy birthday images artsy

It was to despair. No matter what middle Christina smeared her mother's head, the grass-green color could not be removed. Every effort was in vain. Elfriede Wohlfahrt was at the end of her powers. She only wanted one thing. Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Rest, rest, just rest. Cristina led her completely exhausted mother to the bed. Before Elfriede Wohlfahrt swallowed the last tablet, she muttered with a weak voice "... Termin ... Salon Schiller ... cancel ..." happy birthday images artsy.